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All Care Med Solutions uses a lab that is in-network to most all insurance plans as they are affiliated with Hospitals and other government health-related entities.  This benefits our patients because they can get the necessary tests performed for little to no cost.

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What To Expect

If your blood test result reveals an imbalance of free testosterone and/or estradiol, you, are in a position to initiate immediate corrective action. Not only can restoring youthful hormone balance save your life, but men (and women) often experience an enhancement in their quality of life after their hormones are adjusted to optimal ranges.

A complete description of the Male and Female Blood Test Panels can be found on this site. As you’ll readily see, these panels contain many important tests (like homocysteine, C-reactive protein, and DHEA, IGF1, pregnenolone, cortisol) that mainstream doctors seldom check for.


Critical Importance of Blood Testing

Today’s conventional physicians prescribe blood tests to check glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides, but rarely check their male patients’ free testosterone and estradiol levels.

When looking at the horrifically high mortality rates associated with imbalances of these critical hormones, it becomes strikingly apparent that a number of heart attacks, strokes, bone fractures, and other degenerative diseases are easily preventable.

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