Allergy Testing

You can finally play with your dog or cat without sneezing!

All Care MED Solutions offers Allergy testing to confirm or rule out allergies, reduce adverse reactions and limit unnecessary avoidance to foods and medication. We also provide allergy treatment so you don’t have to worry about your allergies anymore! 

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Allergy Test

All Care MED Solutions offers two seperate allergy tests; environmental and food allergies.

The environmental allergy test tests 72 specific allergens including mold, pollen, animal hair, plants, and trees. 

The food allergy test tests 36 specific food allergens including nuts, shellfish, gluten, dairy, etc. 


Treat Your Allergies With Immunotherapy

  • Desensitizes your body to a specific allergen that you are allergic to.
  • Strengthens you immune system 
  • Decreases/ eliminates allergies
  • Weekly injections 
  • Ask about our new daily sublingual sprays 

Treatment consists of four distint phases over a one year period. 

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